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Introducing the 2021 Crowdbotics Innovator Awards

We witnessed remarkable growth in 2021 thanks to the hundreds of new entrepreneurs, professionals, and creators who built apps on our platform. To thank our users and showcase their visionary work, we have chosen to recognize a select few for their contributions within their respective industries in 2021.

30 December 2021

by Crowdbotics

We enjoyed remarkable growth in 2021 thanks to the hundreds of new entrepreneurs, professionals, and creators who built apps on our platform.

Every Crowdbotics app begins with an idea. People from an extraordinary range of backgrounds — founders, professionals, hobbyists, technical, non-technical, funded, bootstrapped — choose Crowdbotics because they’re ready to turn that idea into a reality.

This culture of innovation, led by our users and facilitated by our team, sets Crowdbotics apart and inspires us to deliver excellence every day.

To thank our users and showcase their visionary work, we have chosen to recognize a select few for their contributions within their respective industries in 2021. Each of these applications serves as an example of the incredible creativity and disruptive potential that Crowdbotics users bring to our platform.

Social Impact Award: Euphoria

Our Social Impact Award is granted to projects that provide a unique solution to an urgent social challenge.

Katherine Anthony has been a valued Crowdbotics user for years now, but 2021 was a massive year for Euphoria, her suite of apps designed to support the process of gender transition. This year, Euphoria secured funding from a group of angel investors (including Chelsea Clinton) and expanded its list of offering to five specialized, complementary apps with the help of Crowdbotics:

Catharsis, a dedicated mental and emotional health platform designed for the trans community, is also coming soon.

Katherine was also named one of America’s Greatest Disruptors by Newsweek and has received coverage in Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, TechCrunch, and The Verge. We’re proud to be her partner on this journey, and we believe that Euphoria perfectly embodies the Crowdbotics mission: to enable people with great ideas to change the world for the better.

Acceleration Award: IdeaPros

Our Acceleration Award is granted to users whose work empowers other innovators to build and grow quickly.

At Crowdbotics, we believe in leveraging the existing state of the art as a foundation for bigger, better products. After all, why build from scratch when you can pull the perfect solution right off of the shelf?

IdeaPros takes this product philosophy and applies it to the entire launch process for a new business. From market research to positioning, launch strategy, engineering and development, naming and branding, all the way to sourcing and manufacturing – IdeaPros provides new businesses with 200 years of combined entrepreneurial experience to reduce the time and investment to launch by up to 75%.

IdeaPros takes an active stake in its partners’ success, identifying a viable path to scale  and providing guidance at each step along the way. IdeaPros partners also enjoy the unique benefits of its huge social media presence and the high-level professional connections available to its executive team.

For the product development stage, IdeaPros has teamed up with Crowdbotics to get new products to market faster and at a lower cost than conventional development. It’s a unified philosophy of growth that is already driving successful new products into diverse markets, and we’re excited to multiply its impact in 2022.

Innovator Award, Health Care: PreventScripts

What it is: PreventScripts is a HIPAA-compliant mobile and web app that comes preloaded with ADA, AHA, and Diabetes Prevention Program content. It also provides recommendations with biometric color coding that are compliant with guidelines for blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, and BMI.

Why it’s cool: Inadequate support for preventive health care is a key driver of high medical costs and patient deaths (up to 98,000 per year, according to one analysis). PreventScripts solves this problem by providing improved patient monitoring and preventive patient care for clinics.

Innovator Award, Sports: WooSox

What it is: The WooSox Polar Park app is a custom app that consolidates in-game engagement, food and drink purchases, ticketing, and parking in a centralized platform.

Why it’s cool: Live sporting events are increasingly adopting digital-first tactics to facilitate fan engagement and improve the game day experience. The Polar Park app delivers on this promise by letting fans access everything they need in a free mobile app. More interestingly, however, the Crowdbotics and WooSox teams had a key realization during development: why can’t this app be whitelabeled, resold, and deployed in sports venues across the country? This model is one way that Crowdbotics users can maximize the value of their work here — by repackaging their apps for resale as generic solutions.

Innovator Award, Environmental: Restoration Packaging

What it is: Restoration Packaging partners with industries across multiple verticals to plant trees for each product, transaction or purchase made. Their web app provides clients with a live feed and history of their transactions, their associated environmental impacts, and the plants planted by Restoration to offset those transactions.

Why it’s cool: Eco-friendly transformation is a rising priority at organizations with large operational footprints, and stakeholders need more visibility into how their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives are making a tangible impact. Restoration Packaging takes this a step further by partnering with local professionals to restore landscapes specific to their users’ immediate geographic communities, and those of their customers.

Innovator Award, Hospitality: Vaycaychella

What it is: Vaycaychella is a web app that helps entrepreneurs and investors connect and build short-term vacation rental businesses. Entrepreneurs can solicit investor funds and post target properties they’d like to own and operate, and investors can view entrepreneur profiles and the properties they are looking to purchase.

Why it’s cool: The proliferation of short-term rental marketplaces like Airbnb, VRBO and has minted an entire class of successful real estate investors. By making peer-to-peer financing available to anyone at an affordable cost, Vaycaychella is unlocking this opportunity for users who don’t already own real estate.

Innovator Award, Social Media: ChefMate

What it is: ChefMate is a mobile app that acts as a guide and community for cooking. ChefMate users can browse a feed of their friends’ cooking, save recipes into a cookbook, and share what they’ve cooked.

Why it’s cool: Social media platforms don’t need to be world-spanning tech giants like Facebook to be impactful. Increasingly, users are seeking out industry- or interest-specific platforms that let them celebrate their passions with other enthusiasts. When you consider that cooking and dining are universal social experiences, fusing a social media app with the cooking world is a no-brainer. ChefMate is a great example of the promise of niche social media, and it’s a perfect app for anyone who believes that cooking should be approachable, friendly, and fun.

Innovator Award, Education: GasKap

What it is: GasKap is a mobile app that keeps teachers, parents, and students informed about school and in-class activities. Students, parents, teachers, and schools can all create unique profiles and use the platform to coordinate events, review class schedules, upload class materials, and share news.

Why it’s cool: Many schools are still navigating their relationship with software. On one hand, there’s tremendous opportunity (and even pressure) to invest in software that simplifies teachers’ jobs, increases organizational efficiency, and makes materials more accessible to students. On the other hand, students, teachers, and administrators all bring different levels of technical know-how to the classroom. By inviting all users into a central information hub, GasKap standardizes this experience and digitizes the school community in a powerful way.

What’s Coming in 2022

In addition to the above standouts, hundreds of Crowdbotics Innovators are working hard on new projects that will launch this year. In fact, we’re planning to build 1,000 apps in 2022. Here’s a look at the industries that Crowdbotics users are building for right now:

Within these sectors are a diverse array of application types, many of which have the potential to transform their industries. Here are the app types that we’re currently building for customers in these industries:

New Crowdbotics users show up every day to turn their incredible ideas into code. We’re looking forward to launching hundreds more this year!

If you’d like to build an app like the ones in this post, reach out to Crowdbotics today to build it 3X faster and 3X cheaper than conventional development.