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Crowdbotics offers an expansive array of services offerings for customers building CodeOps practices with our platform.


Crowdbotics customers have access to a worldwide support network including options for around-the-clock technical support. Our support professionals are available to ensure that nothing gets in the way of your success.

Technical Success

Crowdbotics has several technical success offerings including dedicated Technical Success Managers (TSMs). Our success offerings are designed to help you begin your CodeOps journey on the right foot and keep you on track as you grow into the platform. Our team will help you understand how best to weave CodeOps into your existing DevOps processes. We will also help you make the right architectural choices as you build out your module library. As you expand your application portfolio. we’ll be there to help you maximize your value from the platform. 


The Crowdbotics Professional Services team has a vast array of experiences building applications for companies of all sizes and across two dozen industries. We can help augment your team, we can help you build out your first set of code modules, and we can build your first app for you. We can even help you build an entire portfolio of apps. Our capabilities and capacity will scale to help you bridge any gap – no matter how small or large. 


Our Quick Start program is a special package of essential Technical Success offerings. Quick Start includes training for your team, prescriptive guidance on implementing the platform and architectural guidance for your module strategy. This 2 week engagement is designed to maximize your team’s success and ensure your investment in the Crowdbotics platform quickly makes a positive impact.


Crowdbotics offers a range of training options from online, self-paced training to in-person, classroom-style curriculum. Whatever your training needs, we will have an offering to help.

Interested in CodeOps Certification?

We offer CodeOps training and certification programs for SI partners and enterprise customers. Fill out the form below to learn more!

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