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Subscription Plans & Pricing




Use our prefab catalog and scoping tools to quickly convert your app idea into a build plan.

  • No SLA
  • General Support Forum
  • Email Support



We’ll work with you to finalize your build plan and deliver a custom-quoted MVP in 90 days.



Same as the Pro plan, but with support for advanced hosting and compliance needs.


Custom Pricing

Hands-on help with creating, implementing, and scaling a CodeOps practice within your team.

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  • Custom SLA

Our Process

Plan Your Build

Start by using AI-powered planning tools to generate a custom build plan.

Our Process

90-Day MVP

Get a price estimate for an MVP version of your app and start building.

Our Process

Crowdbotics Care

Fixed monthly subscription ensures continued post-MVP growth and performance.

Estimate Your Cost

The Crowbotics Estimate Calculator helps you quickly estimate your development cost for building an app. Our calculator takes under 2 minutes to complete and lets you forward your results to an app development expert for a more detailed estimate.

Keep Growing With Crowdbotics Care

App development isn’t a one-and-done engagement. Once your 90-Day MVP is completed, you’ll have additional wishlist features, polishing, and performance optimization needs for the rest of its lifespan.

Crowdbotics Care is a fixed-price add-on plan that ensures that your app will continue to grow and perform smoothly once your MVP is delivered.

Crowdbotics Care Benefits

  • Keep a team in place once your MVP build concludes
  • Fixed monthly resource allocation for predictable feature expansion
  • Tiered SLA for bugfixes or downtime issues
  • On-call support for sudden usage increases
  • Regular upgrades to libraries and third-party dependencies

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an MVP?

An MVP, or minimum viable product, is the first version of your product that includes just enough features to be usable by your target users. Building an MVP first is the best way to quickly get a functional product into your users’ hands and collect feedback from them about what features you should add in the future.

Can I really build my MVP in 90 days?

Yes! Once we’ve worked with you to define the features that constitute your MVP, we will outline a 90-day engagement that ends with a finished MVP. After that engagement is finished, any additional work on your app should proceed under a Crowdbotics Care plan.

What is project scope?

Project scope is the defined set of features and functionality required to finish a project. MVP projects usually have small scopes, while long-term product roadmaps can have large scopes that continue growing over time. It’s important to arrive at a mutual understanding of your project’s scope prior to commencing development.

What is variable scope?

Variable scope refers to a project scope that is intended to change during the development process to allow for maximum flexibility in your product roadmap. Crowdbotics plans are fixed-cost, variable-scope engagements, meaning that you pay an agreed-upon amount each month, but you can move specific features into or out of active development depending on your priorities.

What is Crowdbotics Care?

Crowdbotics Care is a fixed-price, variable-scope plan that ensures that your app will continue to grow and perform smoothly once your MVP is delivered. If you want to continue adding new features to your app following the delivery of your MVP, then you will be best served by a Crowdbotics Care plan.

What is Crowdbotics Care (Support-Only)?

Crowdbotics Care (Support-Only) is a support-only version of Crowdbotics Care that provides access to our dedicated support team in the event that you need a bug fixed. Support-only plans do not include new feature development or ongoing maintenance of your app.

What is a bug?

A bug is a problem in your app’s code that prevents the app from performing according to the mutually agreed-upon specifications for your app build. If a feature that was previously working is now broken, or if a feature was built in a way that prevents it from functioning correctly according to the app’s documented specifications, then you can report it as a bug.

What is an SLA?

An SLA, or service level agreement, is a commitment from Crowdbotics to provide a defined level of service for a given support request according to your Crowdbotics Care plan. Our support SLAs are categorized according to the urgency of a given bug fix so that business-impacting bugs receive faster responses than bugs that don’t impact your business.

What is CodeOps?

CodeOps is a process for enabling systemic code reuse across a team or organization. The Crowdbotics platform supports CodeOps by providing you with ready access to our task catalog, community modules, templates, connectors, and project planning tools, as well as a home for your own custom-built modules. If you are an enterprise buyer interested in learning more about the efficiencies you can unlock with CodeOps, please reach out to us [[here]] (link to

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