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The final step of using the Crowdbotics platform is to take the nearly completed app generated by Assembly-AI and add any remaining required code. This step completes the journey of idea to app. With a library well stocked with code modules, the amount of remaining code can be small. This means that developers can take great care in coding the features that will have the most impact – the unique, truly differentiated code that drives the highest business impact. 

Since the Crowdbotics platform is built around real code, developers can use their IDE of choice to complete their application. More importantly, developers can leverage all their existing skills with languages, frameworks and architecture. Unlike the walled garden approach of low- and no-code platforms, the Crowdbotics platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with all your existing DevOps (and DevSecOps) investments, process and culture. 


We built the Crowdbotics platform so you don’t have to use generative AI to create code that already exists. Even though Gen AI creates code at unprecedented speed, it cannot yet guarantee that the resulting code passes all functional, security, resiliency and scaling tests. Reusing existing code that has been validated is always preferable to using Gen AI to recreate the wheel, and that’s what the Crowdbotics platform helps you achieve.  

On the other hand, when it comes to adding the new, unique code that isn’t available as a code module, or creating new code modules to add to the library, we are huge proponents of Gen AI. And because our platform supports real code and enables your developers to use their IDE of choice, we make it easy to integrate Gen AI into your CodeOps practice.

We see tools like Github Copilot as essential for both accelerating the completion process as well as supporting the creation of new code modules. While Gen AI may not always be the best technology for every development scenario, we strongly believe it’s an integral part of a high-performance CodeOps practice.


Because of the openness and flexibility of the Crowdbotics platform, you have the freedom to build any kind of application, to use your standard languages, frameworks and architectures, and to build for your company’s preferred runtime infrastructure. 

With the Standard Edition of the Crowdbotics platform, you can build web and mobile apps using JavaScript and React Native. You can also build web apps and back-end services using Python and Django. The apps you build with the platform can be deployed into your own datacenter, your instance of Azure, AWS, GCP or Heroku. You can even deploy your apps into the Crowdbotics Cloud, our own cloud infrastructure built on Azure and Heroku.   

With the Enterprise Edition of the Crowdbotics Platform, coming later in 2024, you’ll have an even wider array of choices of languages, frameworks and application patterns. 

If someone on your team can dream it, we can help you build it better, more quickly and with less risk. The Crowdbotics platform is here to help you turn your ideas into code.

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