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An AI-powered application development platform that delivers on the promise of systematic code reuse


For most new application development projects, up to 70% of the code required has already been written. Some of that code can be found in open source projects, but more impactfully, much of that code has likely already been created by a developer inside that organization. 

With this wealth of existing code, companies have tried for decades to make code reuse a priority. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these initiatives fail for (at least) three key reasons: 

  1. Most of these initiatives focus specifically on developers and DevOps processes. These approaches are too narrowly focused. 
  2. Many proposed solutions, for instance low- or no-code platforms, take a walled-garden approach that force disruption and require new, non-transferable skill sets. These approaches fail because of the disruption and resistance from developers.
  3. Many other proposed solutions have suffered from a lack of technical maturity. While their promises have been compelling, their execution ends up lacking, ultimately resulting in failure.   


The Crowdbotics platform pioneers a new approach to application development – CodeOps – that takes the best of AI-driven software development and pairs it with a new, innovative methodology for code reuse. The Crowdbotics CodeOps approach is different because: 

  1. The Crowdbotics platform implements a holistic approach that address code reuse from the idea phase of a project all the way through to deployment
  2. The Crowdbotics platform uses industry standard code, frameworks and infrastructure and is designed to work seamlessly with all of your existing DevOps investments. The platform embraces your current workflow and avoids disruption. 
  3. The Crowdbotics platform is only possible because of the recent advancements in large language model-based generative AI. Using this latest generation of technology enables the platform to automate critical steps in the code reuse process that were previously done manually… and failed.


While the capabilities of the Crowdbotics platform are vast, the core of the platform can be explained in four straightforward steps:  

PLAN – The first step is using AI to improve the quality of the requirements definition process. Business stakeholders can use natural language to generate comprehensive, high-quality Product Requirements Documents (PRDs) that take infrastructure, standards and policies into account.

MATCH – Next, AI is again used, this time to match each detailed requirement for the application captured in the PRD with existing code maintained in a centralized module library.

ASSEMBLE – Using the modules identified in the matching process, the platform uses AI once again to assemble those modules into a nearly completed application, expediting the work required to craft the basics of an application.

COMPLETE – With most of the application already built up from reused code during the assembly process, all that’s left is for a developer to add any missing code. Importantly, developers get to focus on the unique, differentiated and most valuable features of the app because the platform has already handled the undifferentiated code.


The promise of using generative AI to create new code is breathtaking. That’s why nearly everyone in our industry is focused on harnessing this newfound power. 

However, an important point about gen AI is getting missed: while gen AI helps create new code at unprecedented speed – much of that code already exists and has already been thoroughly validated.

In a world where gen AI shrinks the time it takes to create code from days to hours, the time we really need to pay attention to is the time it takes to validate code.  There are significant costs associated with functional testing, identifying security vulnerabilities, ensuring the code scales, making the code resilient against downtime, and guaranteeing the code meets all regulatory, governance and compliance rules. These are the important hidden costs that gen AI’s novelty causes so many to miss.  

When an organization uses gen AI to recreate code that has already been validated, they end up doing more work, not less. Without CodeOps, generative AI speeds up code creation but slows down the overall process of application development. With the Crowdbotics platform and CodeOps, reusing validated code empowers organizations to plan, develop, and deliver secure, compliant applications with unprecedented speed, agility, and with reduced cost and risk. 

Crowdbotics helps you get the most out of gen AI because you only need it when creating something new. You’re freed from using gen AI just to reinvent the wheel. You get the best of both worlds and the end result is a thriving culture and practice of continuous innovation.

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