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PRD-AI Revolutionizes the Requirements Process


For application development projects, a typical cause of failure is the black hole that often exists between business stakeholders and the development team. This black hole exists because business stakeholders communicate in terms of outcomes while developers communicate in terms of modules, components, hierarchy, and algorithms. Business stakeholders describe solutions using english and common linguistic structure, while developers describe solutions in terms of code. 

More importantly, the vehicle for bridging the gap between these two teams, the product requirements document (PRD) is often overlooked or poorly executed. Invariably, required outcomes are insufficiently described, leaving the developers to interpret, or worse, guess, at what the stakeholders need. Key assumptions are left out and major steps are skipped. The PRD becomes the weak link, resulting in the delivered application wildly missing the expectations of those who commissioned it. At the end of the day, the success or failure of a project rests on the quality of the PRD. 


At Crowdbotics, we understand the criticality of quality PRDs to the overall success of any development project. We also recognize that successful code reuse initiatives start long before coding starts. One of the foundational principles of CodeOps is that code reuse begins with the definition of requirements.

To help ensure your success, we’ve revolutionized the PRD creation process. By embracing the power of the latest AI technology, gone are the days of laboriously documenting each feature – an iterative, tedious process consuming weeks to months. Now, with PRD-AI, a business analyst simply articulates – in plain english – a summary of the application, and voila, PRD-AI jumps into action.

PRD-AI, with its extensive understanding of requirements from tens of thousands of previous projects, generates a sophisticated, exhaustive PRD in mere minutes. From idea to actionable specs in an instant – PRD-AI truly redefines the requirements definition experience. More importantly, PRD-AI serves as a rock solid foundation to your code reuse journey.

PRD-AI helps you create and manage detailed application requirements.


PRD-AI is a complete system for building high-quality product requirements documents. It starts with a stakeholder (usually a business owner or business analyst) providing a written description of the required app – just a couple paragraphs describing what’s needed. Leveraging its generative AI model, augmented by tens of thousands of PRDs, PRD-AI builds out a comprehensive list of features, logically grouped by category in just a couple minutes. For each feature, PRD-AI provides a detailed description, assigns the types of users requiring the feature and even defines a comprehensive list of acceptance criteria.

After PRD-AI has created the initial feature list, the stakeholder can edit any of the details in the initial feature set. They can also add new features with simple text prompts or even ask for suggestions. For each feature, PRD-AI provides a mechanism for managing its approval, enabling the systematic review of the final requirements. 

Finally, in the near future, PRD-AI will enable you to augment the PRDs with your organization’s documented standards and policies. These standards and policies then automatically appear as either added features or additional acceptance criteria. 

PRD-AI ensures that even for the most complex, mission-critical applications, you can crush the black hole that historically doomed important projects. PRD-AI sets the foundation for a successful project and is the essential first step of a CodeOps journey.


PRD-AI is available on a trial basis. Talk to one of our reps and we’ll get you set up with PRD-AI.