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We are on a mission to radically transform the software development lifecycle.

CodeOps-Powered Professional Services

Let Crowdbotics take you so far ahead of the curve, you create a new trajectory.

We never start from zero, and neither should you.

Whether you’re adopting a CodeOps process or trusting us with your app idea, you’ll benefit from our revolutionary approach.

Crowdbotics Platform Services

Crowdbotics offers an expansive array of services offerings for customers building CodeOps practices with our platform. From support to training to technical success, we’re here to ensure that nothing gets in the way of your success.

App Development Services

Whether you have a brand-new app idea or an existing project that needs work, we’ll help you build it. This isn’t a conventional agency-style engagement, though – you’ll enjoy the AI-powered acceleration, savings, and scalability that our platform is built to deliver for organizations of all sizes.


Use Case: Health Care App Modernization

With Crowdbotics, health systems and medical facilities can easily build custom apps that meet the needs of their teams and patients.

White Paper

White Paper: An Introduction to CodeOps

Forward-thinking enterprises increasingly adopt CodeOps as a groundbreaking methodoloLearn what CodeOps is, how to maximize your generative AI ROI, how to establish a systematic code reuse practice, and more in this white paper from Crowdbotics.


Use Case: Customer Portal

A quality portal builds trust by giving your customers what they want when they want it.


Use Case: AI Calculator

Provide users with a modern way to quickly find the answers they need.


Use Case: Manufacturing App Modernization

Crowdbotics can help manufacturing teams sustainably and safely accelerate app development through AI and code reuse.

Crowdbotics has the right mindset to reuse existing code and only focus on value-added aspects of the app.

Gabriela Pelin

CEO, VoiceLove

What drew us most to Crowdbotics was the flexibility in what we were able to build and the consistency of the support over the course of long projects. We’ve had very consistent engineering, very consistent support, and huge flexibility with regard to what we can do.

Tim Smith

Partner, Bee Partners

Crowdbotics has been an integral part of Aura’s growth to millions of users. Their engineers have become a part of our core team, and we recommend Crowdbotics to anyone looking for a trusted engineering partner.

Steve Lee

Co-Founder/CEO, Aura Health

We are really excited by Crowdbotics’ ability to modularize and create components. This will give consumers tools to change rules on how they want payments to work and give merchants tools to decide how they want to route payments.

Geoff Cairns

CEO, Hamilton’s Reserve