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Medical Records EMT – The Best And Most Affordable Medical Records App On The Market

Emergency medicine is full of unforeseeable and difficult circumstances, and decisions have to be made rapidly to save a patient’s life. For doctors and medical personnel to do this as safely and effectively as possible, they need a full history of the patient in front of them. However, a patient’s medical record may be incomplete or inaccessible, which can create difficulties and lead to further issues.  Bernard Ouellette, a citizen of South Carolina and CEO of Medical Records EMT, has come up with a simple and innovative solution to tackle this problem. Medical Records EMT provides a helping hand in times of emergency, as it makes a patient’s medical records accessible through their smartphones. 

19 July 2022

by Crowdbotics

What Does the App Do?

The app functions as any other medical record would, with just a few more features. 

“The purpose of this app is to provide the medical records of a person who might have an injury and need to have emergency care from an EMT”, says Ouellette in the interview. 

Med Records EMT contains essential information such as:

• Patient ID

• Insurance

• Doctor’s names

• Preferred hospital

• Emergency contacts

• Prescription drugs the patient is on

• Vaccinations received

In addition, the app also contains information that can be vital to a patient’s treatment such as their blood type, allergies, inherited diseases, medical history, implants, and any pre-existing conditions. Without being aware of these factors, a physician is likely to make an error that might worsen the patient’s condition. 

Who is this App Designed for?

While creating this app, Ouellette kept certain people in mind, such as those who are prone to injury or accidents. This includes older or handicapped individuals who are at risk of falling, stumbling or fainting, who are diabetics, and those with recurring conditions such as multiple sclerosis. But this app isn’t just designed for senior citizens, as younger individuals who drive an automobile or work around heavy machinery may also benefit from this app. 

Ouellette further explained, “In case of older or handicapped people, you may have emergency needs 2-3 times/ year, this app is meant to help people who have a risk of falling or being injured and needing emergency care”. 

Where Can I Get This App?

This app is readily available on all your favorite smartphone devices. It can be found on the Apple app store on iOS and the Google Play store for Android. 

How Much Will This App Cost?

Med Records EMT is listed on both platforms with an affordable and one-time price of $8.99. 

Competitors of Med Records EMT use a subscription-based model and charge monthly, often making their application inaccessible to senior and handicapped citizens who may not be able to afford a high monthly fee. 

How and Where Does This App Work?

When the S.O.S feature on iOS or Android is activated by pressing the side button repetitively, Med Records EMT sends a message to the nearest 911 or similar station depending on the country, allowing the station to dispatch emergency services and enabling them to receive a complete history of the patient so they can get to treatment as quick as possible. 

The app has functionality worldwide and operates anywhere Apple and Google provide services.