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Crowdbotics Unveils New AI Capabilities to Accelerate Application Planning and Development

BERKELEY, Calif., Oct. 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Crowdbotics, the leader in helping organizations harness the power of CodeOps, today unveiled new AI capabilities in the Crowdbotics platform to help organizations plan and launch products in a fraction of the time. These new AI capabilities enable teams to create organization-level strategies for systemic code reuse, generate individual application build plans in seconds, and instantly assemble a running application from prebuilt parts.

10 October 2023

by Crowdbotics

New Capabilities in Crowdbotics’ Platform Enable Teams to Quickly Plan and Launch Apps Using AI

Blog post: A deep dive into Crowdbotics’ new AI features

“We are in the middle of a paradigm shift for product creators with Generative AI. Adapting to this new world requires us to redefine the software development lifecycle to be AI-first in planning, verifying, and launching software,” said Anand Kulkarni, founder and CEO, Crowdbotics. “The Crowdbotics platform delivers an efficient process to enable systemic code reuse within your organization using AI.”

The new capabilities in the Crowdbotics platform enable teams to efficiently and securely use AI as part of a code operations (or CodeOps) methodology. They include:

CodeOps is founded on a simple principle: up to 70% of the code organizations write in their applications has been written before. Even so, teams continue to write new software from the ground up, ultimately draining resources and slowing time to market. CodeOps uses AI to identify the correct project specifications and code modules for each product and organization. This significantly accelerates the development process, empowering businesses to focus on unique innovations and get their products to market faster.

“Our platform assists developers — it doesn’t replace them. All code used to create software is analyzed and verified with tooling and by humans before it’s available to customers. As a full code platform, we integrate with your existing DevOps stack, so any code written by developers on the platform can be subject to your existing security and compliance guidelines,” said Charath Ranganathan, CTO, Crowdbotics. “In an AI-first world, you must know where your code comes from. We are here to give enterprises and developers a cost-effective solution to meet software development goals that can help their businesses save money.”

“Crowdbotics is at the conflux of multiple tailwinds. The rise of AI for code generation presents an opportunity to expand the development capability of users. Furthermore, in a recessionary environment, there are even fewer development resources to go around. Crowdbotics presents a cost-effective solution for enterprises to meet software development goals that can help their businesses save money,” said Aaron Jacobson, Partner at NEA.

To learn more about the new capabilities in the Crowdbotics platform, check out our blog post for a deep dive or visit the product page.

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Crowdbotics helps enterprise customers deliver applications faster using strategic code reuse and generative AI. Our platform enables teams to speed up software development while maintaining governance over code from multiple sources. This process of generating, storing, and strategically reusing code is an emerging framework called CodeOps.

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Berkeley, Calif., large manufacturing, healthcare, IT, and defense organizations trust Crowdbotics. Company investors include NEA, Homebrew, Bee Partners, The House Fund, Harrison Metal, Tell Apart, Flexport and Jackson Square Ventures. To learn more, visit

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