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Crowdbotics Partners With Michael Swift at P&S Services To Simplify Confidential Document Storage

Check out how Michael Swift at P&S Services is simplifying the way we store and share confidential information and documents. Learn more about the work we are doing with Michael in this video and article!

10 May 2022

by Crowdbotics

Have you ever gotten a migraine while finding the desired document from a clutter of files? Lost important passwords; not being able to remember your login credentials – we have all been there. And yet, there’s not a single decent solution available to tackle this common problem.

Luckily, the solution is almost here. Michael Swift – an aspiring entrepreneur and founder of P&S Services – came up with a brilliant model for an easy-to-use platform to store and manage all your confidential documents and information in one single place. 

“My app is called the Store and Share Vault. It allows individuals to store confidential documents, information, and login information with the individuals they choose,” Swift shared in a recent interview. “They get to choose what documents they want to share with what individuals. This will allow individuals to have backups in case anything unfortunate happens.” 

We feel great excitement to announce Crowdbotics has partnered with Michael Swift and P&S Services to accompany them on this exciting new journey. Our experts are assisting with the designing and launching the application soon for the public.

A Brief Background

Michael Swift is the owner of P&S Services – a commercial janitorial, home repair and landscape company operating throughout the southeast United States and along the East Coast. It is registered as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). 

Although the company is based outside of Atlanta, they have its foundations firmly established in several markets, including Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas and Virginia. 

What is the Motivation behind Store and Share Vault?

The origin of the Store and Share Application is rooted in a personal tragedy. Mr. Swift was dealing with the grief of his brother-in-law’s death back in October of 2021. It was then  he began working on the idea of developing an application that could help people keep their data safe with people they know. The confusion, anxiety,  and struggles he faced while dealing with his tragedy made him realize the need for a simple yet powerful tool to make the entire process easier. 

Mr. Swift says, “I was sitting around with my sister, going through numerous documents; trying to see what was valid, what was invalid? What was for him? What was for other family members? So, when I got back home to Atlanta, I sat down and started thinking, ‘there has to be an easier way to do this. There has to be a more manageable way where people aren’t sitting and just living that over and over and over again.’” 

Having discovered this huge gap in the market, it wasn’t long before Mr. Swift figured out a working model for an app that would solve the problem in the simplest way possible. 

“That’s when I came up with the idea of Store and Share Vault, where all this information is already there for you. It’s already there for whomever. So, just in case anything happens, you don’t have to go fumbling trying to find different things, like access to bank accounts.”

Crowdbotics and Store and Share Vault

Crowdbotics is helping Michael Swift turn his innovative vision into reality. We have been entrusted with the complete responsibility of designing and optimizing the application for the Store and Share Vault. Working in the app development industry for years, we feel confident that we will give this idea the execution it deserves.

“What made me choose Crowdbotics, out of the companies I have contacted to develop the app, was their sales rep, Clovis. It seemed like he was more excited to work with me and to develop my app than I was to work with them. So, it was a no-brainer to me. Someone just as passionate about something I wanted to do like me, it was great,” said the entrepreneur while talking about Crowdbotics. 

How Can I Sign Up for Store and Share Vault?

The Store and Share Vault App is still under construction. Crowdbotics and P&S Services are working day and night to finalize and launch it for public use. However, you can click on the following link and fill out the form to get notified as soon as sign-up is available.  You can also visit for more information.