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Crowdbotics Partners Up With Foodtruck Junkie to Enhance Your Food Experience

Food is an essential part of life. Food is more than just fuel for our bodies; it is also a way to express ourselves and connect with other people.  The most popular and rapidly-growing food-related industry is food trucks today, which are mobile vehicles capable of preparing delicious food on the go. But how will you know when you have your favorite food truck in your area?

8 September 2022

by Crowdbotics

The Food Truck Junkie is here to provide you with the best solution – an ideal medium between the food truck vendor and the customer so they can communicate, track location, share content, and much more!

The creator, Jonathan Warren, explained in a recent interview while introducing his application, “Food Truck Junkie is an all-inclusive app, it benefits the food vendor and the consumer. Food vendors are benefitted by sharing their platform, they get to share their menu on a mobile app that strengthens the food truck community.” 

He further explained the customer’s point of view, “For the customer, it allows them to skip the line; go ahead and find your truck, place your order, get your food and enjoy the food experience without the line!”

What is the Motivation behind the Food Truck Junkie?

Food trucks help the food community by providing a place for people to meet and talk, share ideas, and create a like-minded community. They provide a fun, social, and inexpensive way for people to eat out. The idea of bringing the customer, food truck vendor, and the entire food community together was what solely motivated Warren to create this platform.

He passionately describes the idea behind the app’s creation, “Today, there are many things that divide us, but nothing brings us more together than the food experience. When you’re sharing a meal with your family or friends, you feel energized, and that’s what the food truck experience does. Furthermore, that’s what the Food Truck Junkie app does! It brings you in context with your favorite experiences, helps you to relive them and find those experiences that you didn’t even know existed.”

Warren adds, “What Food Truck Junkie does for the vendor and the consumer was all in the same idea – bringing us all together to share a meal, experiences, and the good things that we have in the small business community. It helps to promote business so that it thrives in this vital economy that we have today.”

Who is the App Targeted at?

Food Junkie is essentially targeted at everyone, whether you’re going for a lunch break at work or on a night out in town with friends and want to explore some new food chain options. 

Food Truck Junkie is for anyone who likes to get exposed to new foods and flavors while eliminating the hassle of waiting in long lines. This also helps in supporting small business owners and giving them a chance to make a place in the heart of the food community. The app allows you to instantly locate your nearest food trucks, place an order, and enjoy a wide range of delicious cuisines, making your afternoon with friends or family even more special! 

How is Crowdbotics Assisting Food Truck Junkie?

The incredibly talented team of web developers at Crowdbotics is working round the clock with Jonathan to bring his amazing vision for the food community to life and create an application that is easy to navigate for both the vendor and the foodies out there. 

During his search for the right developers, Jonathan came across Luciano Florescu, a talented sales manager at Crowdbotics, who helped Jonathan every step of the way. This kind of support was exactly what Jonathan was looking for and he finally joined hands with Crowdbotics to assist him on this amazing journey!

Jonathan further explains his experience working with Crowdbotics, “When you talk about a great team and continuity, and you think where I can find it, you find it right there at Crowdbotics. What we’ve experienced so far working with the team for about five months and we were just blown away, we had designers and project managers who take their job seriously. Even though they are in different parts of the world with different time zones, they’re still on top of their game. Crowdbotics has put together a team that allows you to enhance your overall project. It turns a four-man team into an army that will overcome any obstacle.” 

How do I Sign-up for Food Truck Junkie?

You can become a part of this ever-growing food truck network by clicking on this Google Play link or this App Store link and simply downloading the app on your smartphone. If you are a vendor, then you can create a business account on the app that allows different features like setting up a menu and sharing location. As a consumer, you can set up a user account and get visibility of all the food trucks within 25 miles radius, place an order, and even save your favorite food trucks that just blew your taste buds away!