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BnB Tools is Working with Crowdbotics to Help Airbnb Owners Get Smarter About Managing Appliances

Check out how Brayden Christenson at Bnb Tools is improving the way vacation rental owners are managing their appliances and guest experience.

20 May 2022

by Crowdbotics

How many startups grow and become multinational $100+ billion giants? Certainly, not many. However, Airbnb is one of those few companies that evolved and came to dominate the entire vacation rental industry. According to data collected in 2021, a whopping 357 million nights were booked on Airbnb during the 365 days of the last year. Another estimate says that the platform currently has more than 12 million listings. 

With such fierce competition, it has become imperative, now more than ever, to be the absolute best host in the market. You have to ensure the highest possible comfort level for your guests. Otherwise, your competitor, just a few kilometers away, will grab the lead. 

BnB Tools, an emerging startup located in South Lake City, Utah, makes this job easier for the hosts by enabling BnB automation which is both cost-effective and time-saving. We’re delighted to announce that Crowdbotics has teamed with BnB Tools to help them lay solid foundations and bring mainstream attention to their BnB automation breakthrough.

What is BnB Tools?

Airbnb market, or vacation rentals in general, suffer from a severe lack of management tools, making hosting more difficult than it has to be. Shortly after realizing the need for these applications, the founders of BnB Tools took over the responsibility to fill this market gap. 

The team behind the concept decided to utilize wireless smart control technology to solve the problem. The result is a smart cellphone application that allows you to remotely control the appliances at your BnB location. This project not only brings convenience at both ends of the market but is also a highly sustainable and cost-effective solution to an age-old problem. 

Braydon Christenson – the brains behind the idea and founder of BnB Tools – describes the app as in these words, “I created BnB Tools so that Airbnb and vacation home owners all around can control their homes, remotely. And, it’ll work with their schedule. Knowing a guest is coming, turn up the heat, turn on the AC, and reset the door locks. In short, it’ll just prepare the place and be ready for your guests to give them a comfortable state.” 

What’s the Motivation behind the Idea?

As with most great innovations, the idea of BnB Tools was conceived out of an unpleasant experience. Christenson was looking for a way to always keep the rental place ready for guests while ensuring that the resources were not frittering away. 

“A couple of years back, my family and I went and stayed at an Airbnb. It was the middle of winter. We got there, and the heat was turned down low. The homeowner was trying to save some money, not heating when people weren’t there. And, we froze our butts off all night long,” Christenson told us in a recent interview. “Ever since then, I have always been worried that we are going to give our guests that same experience. I don’t ever want that. I understand the whole thought process of turning the heat down to save some energy or turning the AC off. So, that’s why I am striving to build this app. For you and for me. For our guests, so that they are be able to have a comfortable stay, and you never have to worry about them not having a vacation rental that’s not ready.”  

How Can You Sign Up for Airbnb Tools?

The application is still under development and is expected to launch soon on all major operating systems. However, if you’re interested, you can visit their website by clicking on this link: You can also follow the team on Facebook to get notified as soon as the app is ready to launch. 

How is Crowdbotics Helping BnB Tools?

Developers at Crowdbotics have been entrusted with the job of designing the application for BnB Tools. We’re putting our experience and expertise to work to give this idea the execution and presentation it deserves. 

Let’s see what the founder of BnB Tools has to say about us, “I chose Crowdbotics because of their openness to being able to work with you and their competitive pricing. I liked how they gave me the option to do block building. Also, the option to grow in the future. They are willing to work with me and willing to help me grow.”

Our creative engineers and data scientists are working together to build tools that can meet the existing and emerging needs in the vacation rental industry. The technology stack will help us all build a world where you can belong anywhere. We feel optimistic about the final product. It will provide BnB Tools with the functionality and scalability required to hit the market.