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Announcing The 2022 Crowdbotics Innovator Award Winners

We witnessed remarkable growth in 2022 thanks to the hundreds of new entrepreneurs, professionals, and creators who built apps on our platform. To thank our users and showcase their visionary work, we have chosen to recognize a select few for their contributions within their respective industries in 2022.‍

8 February 2023

by Crowdbotics

We Know Innovation

Success is driven by innovation. New technology, new products, new ideas – these are what determine who thrives in our current fast-moving, remote work, mobile app-driven business environment. Crowdbotics’ core mission is to give those visionaries that have innovative ideas the ability to bring their concept to life without the need for deep technical knowledge or bottomless development budgets. 

By creating the tools that give innovators a path to realizing their ideas, Crowdbotics has a unique front row seat at the cutting edge of business and application creativity across a wide range of industries, functions, and organizational sizes.

It’s from this vantage point that, for the second year in a row, we are announcing the winners of our annual Crowdbotics Innovator Awards. Through these awards we’re shining a spotlight on the forward-thinking people and organizations bringing new ideas into the world and celebrating the tradition of innovation and inspiration they’re carrying forward.

The community was given the opportunity to vote for their preferred winner of this year’s Innovator Awards in January. The top three Innovator Awards were determined by you, the community, and were awarded to the apps that you deemed the most innovative.  Information about these three winners is below! 

On top of voting, we have chosen to recognize a select few for their contributions within their respective industries in 2022. Each of these applications serves as an example of the incredible creativity and disruptive potential that Crowdbotics users bring to our platform.

1st Place Winner: Arootah

Arootah is an executive coaching and business consulting firm working with financial executives and their teams to achieve peak performance.

Arootah has identified and distilled proven strategies at the intersection of finance, technology, and wellness. Their clients are empowered to raise their standards, overcome their challenges, and most importantly, achieve results.

Customers can plan for success and take control of their outcomes. Arootah helps customers accelerate into the best version of themselves, their career, or their business.

2nd Place Winner: Hip Hop My Way

Hip Hop My Way is a place where you can discover music from the hottest artists and producers, engage with new talent, promote your craft and get tips from top industry experts.

Hip Hop My Way enables audiences to discover and engage with content from new Hip Hop talent, all in one place. Through Hip Hop My Way Artist and Producer profiles, you can share your work, highlight your latest projects, expand your following, interact with other talent and become a part of the growing Hip Hop My Way community. By creating an Artist/Producer profile, members become eligible for Hip Hop My Way contests. These contests offer a wide array of opportunities; including but not limited to media services, brand assistance, and promotion.

3rd Place Winner: Focus Genie

Focus Genie is an innovative mobile app that teaches you about your brain and gives you the tools to optimize your life. It is the first and only ADHD app created by a Board-certified psychiatrist (who also has ADHD).

The FocusGenie app provides fun, bite-sized lessons about ADHD from medical professionals, to-do lists, study buddy features that allow you to work with a friend, and achievements to keep users motivated.

This app shows you easy-to-follow stats around your focus, wellness and productivity. Instead of wasting time and energy trying to fit a mold that wasn’t made for them, neurodivergent brains can thrive and flourish with the help of Focus Genie.

The Accelerator Innovator Award: Advanced Image Robotics

Our Acceleration Award is granted to users whose work empowers other innovators to build and grow quickly.

Advanced Image Robotics simplifies the video production experience with robotic controls and machine learning. AIR helps companies cost-effectively scale their content production.

Advanced Image Robotics was founded in March 2020 to solve pains experienced over 30 years of live video production. Content creators and producers shouldn’t have to be IT experts, and it shouldn’t take the GDP of a small country to broadcast an event.

The AIR executive team has worked with some of the biggest brands in entertainment and tech, won multiple Emmy® Awards, and driven some of the world’s biggest product launches. Technical advances over the last few years have given AIR the pieces to radically simplify this industry, and they have used their collective expertise to combine them into a purpose-built platform.

The FinTech Innovator Award: Redlight Finance

Our FinTech Innovator Award is granted to users whose work shows outstanding innovation in the FinTech sector.

Redlight Finance is a gasless blockchain providing a bridge between the real world and web3. The gasless blockchain Redlight Finance has developed allows Redlight Finance to provide use cases for the traditional cryptocurrency investor with the integration of smart contracts.

On top of this, with there being no gas fee on transactions, Redlight Finance believes this will allow the traditional businesses that require large databases of private information (e.g hospitals, financial institutions) to securely transition into web3.

Redlight Finance is redefining blockchain technology, pioneering on-chain passive income, and changing the digital landscape with a groundbreaking suite of decentralised protocols.

The Social Impact Innovator Award: Circa Labs, Inc.

Our Social Impact Award is granted to projects that provide a unique solution to an urgent social challenge.

Circa is an app providing flexible payment options for paying monthly rent. With Circa, residents have the opportunity to break up payments throughout the month, and every payment will contribute to these users’ credit scores.

Residents across the country need a better way to pay bills. The rent payment is arguably the most important payment a household will make in any given month, so why haven’t payment systems evolved to fit the ever-changing financial situations of residents?

Circa developed a new payment system based on flexibility and mutual respect. This new system aligns residents’ need for flexible, dignified, and accessible payments with properties’ need to collect on-time.

Circa’s flexibility redefines the concept of “on time.” With rising rents and increasing income volatility, residents are in the best position to decide when they can make payment. Properties benefit from better clarity on cash flow, less hassle of chasing down residents, and improved resident relations.

The Sports Innovator Award: GetScouted

GetScouted provides young athletes with the ability to get accurately tested and assessed, then share their verified results with coaches and scouts through their platform.

GetScouted was founded to provide the sports industry with a much-needed system and platform to solve the ever-growing problem of an athletes true physical and statistical ability through a verified assessment process.

GetScouted has worked with Division 1 Football Coaches and Major League Baseball Scouts to build a product that teams can feel 100% confident the data is verified, accurate and showcases an athlete’s actual performance in licensed facilities and camps.

GetScouted’s licensed facilities and camps are designed to provide the most accurate and verified sports assessment through biometric monitoring and data recording using the leading laser timing hardware in the industry from Zybek Sports.

The Social Media Innovator Award: NuHollywood

A virtual club in the metaverse, where everyone is a celebrity guest.

NuHollywood™ is a family-friendly virtual club where guests come to bond, game, grow, learn and earn. At each of their four levels, people are engaging each other by having fun, gaming, sharing experiences, and leveling up their business.

NuHollywood is a firm believer that our global reach unifies us and our collective experiences empower us to construct a real world in which everyone thrives.

Check out the NuHollywood app to bond, game, grow, learn, and earn.

The Hospitality Innovator Award: Maui Snorkeling Guide

The Maui Snorkeling Guide connects Hawaiian natives and tourists (of the 3,000,000 annual total!) with Hawaiian Snorkeling and diving businesses.

Maui has more than 75 beaches available varying from rocky, white sand, black and red-sand. It’s truly a magical place offering such diversity. Because of their local knowledge of Maui, The Maui Snorkeling Guide team are able to provide you with the info and locations of over 20+ Beaches and Snorkel Spots for an unforgettable snorkeling experience.

The app provides: Photos of Snorkeling Spots/Beaches & Aerial Pics of Reefs, Driving Directions, Parking Info, Snorkeling Tips, Pictorial Maui Reef Fish Guide and much more!

What’s Coming in 2023

In addition to the above standouts, hundreds of Crowdbotics Innovators are working hard on new projects that will launch this year. In fact, we’re planning to build 1,000 apps in 2023. Here’s a look at the industries that Crowdbotics users are building for right now:

Within these sectors are a diverse array of application types, many of which have the potential to transform their industries. Here are the app types that we’re currently building for customers in these industries:

New Crowdbotics users show up every day to turn their incredible ideas into code. We’re looking forward to launching hundreds more this year!

If you’d like to build an app like the ones in this post, reach out to Crowdbotics today to build it 3X faster and 3X cheaper than conventional development.