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How Crowdbotics Supports GitHub’s New Copilot Workspace

Copilot Workspace is turbocharging coding. At Crowdbotics, our role is to supercharge the whole ecosystem surrounding that process.

13 June 2024

by Cory Hymel

Have you seen the news about GitHub’s new Copilot Workspace? It’s a huge leap in AI-native development environments. By allowing developers to brainstorm, plan, build, test, and run code more efficiently, Copilot Workspace is poised to transform how software is developed by rethinking how it is created with AI.  And at Crowdbotics, we’re 100% here for it.

What is Copilot Workspace? 

Not long ago GitHub launched Copilot which is an AI assistant that autocompletes code as you’re writing it or it can act as a chatbot to give feedback or explain code. With it, developers have seen upwards of a 55% increase in productivity. Copilot Workspace is the natural evolution of Copilot itself which means extending the power of AI to other areas of development – think of it as a Copilot-native developer environment.

“You can think of Copilot Workspace as a companion experience and dev environment that complements existing tools and workflows and enables simplifying a class of developer tasks … We believe there’s a lot of value that can be delivered in an AI-native developer environment that isn’t constrained by existing workflows.” – Jonathan Carter, head of GitHub Next, GitHub’s software R&D team.

What We Bring to the Copilot Workspace Party

Copilot Workspace is turbocharging coding. At Crowdbotics, our role is to supercharge the whole ecosystem surrounding that process. That means not just helping developers ideate but also assisting the civilian stakeholders they work with. Our platform also reinvests the work you’ve done in Copilot Workspace, back into the broader ecosystem where code lives and breathes — cataloging your vetted code and serving it up for faster redeployment later. 

What Matters Most to Crowdbotics

At Crowdbotics, we stand by three big principles:

  1. Making Code Matter to Non-Developers: We believe in democratizing code by making it accessible and meaningful beyond the developer sphere. Our PRD-AI tool is pivotal in this – helping business analysts, product managers, and other non-developer roles directly contribute to the software development process. Our PRD-AI tool helps developers better understand what non-developers are talking about — which means fewer do-overs.

  1. Efficient Code Reuse: Beyond just raw code, our platform indexes designed components, code snippets, widgets, and other reusable artifacts through our Module Catalog. This catalog is integral to our Match AI functionality, which serves up these pre-tested code elements at the PRD stage, making them easily accessible and relevant across different projects and teams. This means less time coding from scratch and more time perfecting ideas in Workspace. And by reducing the volume of net-new code needed, Crowdbotics eases a huge potential bottleneck for QC and testing.

  1. Developer-First Philosophy: We believe in full code. We believe in letting developers develop. We believe in letting them choose the tools that work best for them. So when we innovate in the realm of AI and development tools, our goal is always to complement an environment like Copilot Workspace — to enhance it by layering intelligent, time-saving tools that integrate effortlessly into the development lifecycle.

Why We Work Well with Copilot Workspace

Crowdbotics perfectly complements GitHub’s Copilot Workspace. 

Here are a few highlights:

As we look towards the future, our commitment to these guiding principles will continue to drive our platform’s evolution. We’re excited to be a valuable complement to GitHub’s Copilot Workspace and an essential tool in the developer ecosystem, and we look forward to developing in tandem with that solution moving forward.

BY CORY HYMEL, VP of Research

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