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Technical Webinar Feb 2024

Crowdbotics CodeOps Webinar

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Amidst relentless competition and economic uncertainty, today’s business and IT leaders need to optimize their software development lifecycle to achieve more with limited resources. To help you meet this challenge, Crowdbotics is spearheading the CodeOps movement, a new paradigm for today’s code-saturated, AI-driven reality.

Download our technical webinar recording to learn how our platform supercharges the entire development lifecycle with generative AI and systematic code reuse.

Prepare to discover:

  • The advantages of leveraging a CodeOps platform to drive development efficiency
  • How our PRD AI and Assessment tools accelerate development within enterprise orgs
  • Where GitHub CoPilot fits into the CodeOps framework – and how it can maximize your development output

Get ready to unlock the true potential of your business with Crowdbotics!

Jason Kozel, Enterprise Solutions Architect

Barry Goffe, Senior Director of Product Marketing

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