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Internet of Things (IoT) App Cost Estimate

What is an Internet of Things app?

An Internet of Things (IoT) app is a web, mobile, or desktop application that enables users to view and control devices connected to the Internet. IoT apps typically include dashboards for viewing data from different types of devices in real-time or historical views. The dashboard may be hosted on a cloud platform, accessible via a computer terminal, or integrated directly into the user interface of the device itself. IoT apps are similar to any other automation app with internet-connected sensors that track data, such as fitness apps, Health Care apps, and home automation apps. Nest, Vera, and Wink are all examples of IoT apps. Examples of Internet of Things apps built with Crowdbotics:

What is the typical cost to build an Internet of Things app?

An Internet of Things app usually costs about $37,500 to build. However, the total cost can be as low as $25,000 or as high as $50,000. An Internet of Things app with a low number of features (also known as a minimum viable product, or MVP) will be more affordable than an app that includes all intended functionality. For example, here are some previous Internet of Things app price quotes from Crowdbotics:

How long does it take to build an Internet of Things app?

An Internet of Things app usually takes 269 hours to build. However, an Internet of Things app can be built in as few as 67 hours, or in as many as 467 hours. The exact timeline mostly depends on how complicated your specific app is. As a general rule, it will take longer if you require highly custom designs, niche features, complex logic, or non-standard release platforms. For example, some previous Internet of Things apps build with Crowdbotics received the following hourly estimates:

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How to successfully grow your Internet of Things application

An IoT app expands its user base by providing a set of APIs that other developers can integrate with their own apps. This makes it easier for customers to connect the devices in their everyday lives, and it also helps to attract new customers who use products from other companies. The success of an IoT app depends on how easy it is for developers to program the APIs, as well as how attractive the incentives offered by the app are.

Risks and challenges of building an Internet of Things application

The IoT is an area of concern for consumers and legislators, and a security breach of an IoT device can result in potential liability for the developer. In order to protect yourself from such risks, it is recommended that you include privacy policies within your app that provide notice to users about the collection of user data by your app or its third-party providers. You should also leverage secure communications and encryption technologies to ensure that sensitive data is not compromised within the device-to-app interface or during transmission over the network.