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Crowdbotics Helps Drone Express Power the Future of Local Delivery

As drone delivery becomes more widespread, Drone Express will lean on Crowdbotics to help it evolve as customer needs and requirements change and the company begins to scale.

In an industry still very much in its infancy — drone delivery — Drone Express is a pioneer. The company is one of only five in the U.S. (including Amazon and Google) on track to receive Federal Aviation Administration authorization to deliver goods via drones, with deliveries to start soon in markets in the U.S. including Denver, Dayton, and Winston-Salem.

On the tech front, Drone Express is working with Crowdbotics collaborator Microsoft to co-develop in- flight navigation systems using AI and the company’s proprietary mesh networking capabilities. For its consumer-facing app, Drone Express turned to Crowdbotics and its revolutionary CodeOps platform, which leverages AI and preexisting modules of written code to expedite software development.

“When you build an application, there are so many facets that can require full-stack developers and architects working on the front-end and back-end UI and UX,” says Brandon Mabey, Chief Strategy Officer at Drone Express. “But Crowdbotics is a one-stop-shop because of its ecosystem. Reusable code helped us launch an application fairly quickly and not have to build from scratch.”

As drone delivery takes off, consumers can access the Drone Express app on Android or iOS devices for a DoorDash- or Instacart-like experience. They can select products from the likes of Kroger or Papa John’s, customize their selections, and track their order when it’s on the way.

While Crowdbotics uses cutting-edge AI to quickly bring apps to market, Drone Express was also drawn to its high level of personal service throughout the development journey. “It was critical to build a relationship with a company that wasn’t just transactional,” Mabey says. “Crowdbotics wants to be in this together like your family. The team really cares, not just about the technology side but the people aspect as well.”Initial Results

Why Crowdbotics: Efficiency Delivered Quickly

Businesses like Drone Express choose Crowdbotics because of its:

Speed and Agility

Drone Express was drawn to Crowdbotics’ ability to build apps by incorporating reusable code and pre-tested modules, allowing it to focus on innovative features for their app.


Data privacy and security are top-of-mind, particularly in industries that gather large amounts of consumer data. Crowdbotics utilizes DevSecOps principles, combining software development, security, and operations, to implement security measures across the development lifecycle and guarantee enterprise-level application security.


Crowdbotics CodeOps requires fewer resources to build and maintain enterprise-grade apps, saving businesses time and money. AI helps create a full software build plan for new apps and assembles prebuilt code modules. Teams can then make customized edits using generative AI and natural language prompts, resulting in a fully functional app at a fraction of the cost.

Initial Results

Crowdbotics produced an innovative app that gives customers convenience and a revolutionary way to receive same-day local delivery. As drone delivery becomes more widespread, Drone Express will lean on Crowdbotics to help it evolve as customer needs and requirements change and the company begins to scale.

I can tell you from my own experience working with huge Fortune 50 companies on billion-dollar products and rollouts — it can be a nightmare. If you hire the wrong person, it can cost you millions of dollars and grind you to a halt. The biggest challenge is bringing the right tools and team together to meet your requirements, and that’s what Crowdbotics offered.

Brandon Mabey

Drone Express