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Announcing Expanded Language Support for the Crowdbotics Platform

Accelerate the creation of new apps through code reuse using the programming languages and frameworks of your choosing.

15 May 2024

The Crowdbotics platform uses AI to help customers speed up enterprise application development by reusing existing code. The platform implements a new methodology pioneered by Crowdbotics, CodeOps, that starts with an AI generated product requirements document  (PRD) and then leverages an AI-based matching process to identify reusable modules of code fulfilling the requirements defined in the PRD. By utilizing this new methodology along with the Crowdbotics platform, customers have been able to realize up to a 65% reduction in the costs associated with building new enterprise applications. 

However, up until now, the Crowdbotics platform had one significant limitation with regard to what kinds of apps could be built: language support. When launched earlier this year, the Crowdbotics platform supported the building of front-end apps using JavaScript and the React Native framework. The platform also supported building back-end apps using Python and the Django framework. If you wanted to use alternative language/framework combinations, however, you would not be able to take advantage of the code reuse benefits of the Crowdbotics platform. 

Today’s exciting news is that this limitation is gone, and you’re now able to use the Crowdbotics platform to build apps using the language and framework of your choice. Create modules using C# and the .Net Core? No problem! JavaScript and Node.js? Be our guest! Whatever language and framework your team requires, the Crowdbotics platform will help you accelerate productivity.  

Your team is now able to add code modules to your company’s private catalog regardless of the underlying language or what framework is required. This new capability dramatically expands breadth of code that can be reused and ultimately used to generate net new applications. 

After generating a new PRD, the Match-AI service identifies modules that fulfill each of the detailed requirements in the PRD. Match-AI looks for these modules in the Crowodbotics public code catalog as well as in your company’s private code catalog. What’s new here is your team can now save code modules to your company’s private catalog regardless of language or framework. This dramatically increases the breadth of code that Match-AI is able to draw from in order to fulfill project requirements. 

We are thrilled to be able to share this major update to the Crowdbotics platform today. These new capabilities dramatically expand the number of customers that are able to benefit CodeOps and systematic code reuse. They also enable a much broader spectrum of app types and use cases that are able to be developed using the Crowdbotics platform. 

Our team here at Crowdbotics continues to push the envelope when it comes to leveraging the latest AI technologies to accelerate every step of the SDLC. We are deeply proud of these new capabilities. We are equally excited about all of the innovative new capabilities on our roadmap that we’ll be able to share with you here soon. Please stay tuned!