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Crowdbotics Leverages Air Force-MIT Maneuver ID Challenge to Advance AI

Air Force-MIT Maneuver ID Challenge is pleased to announce that Crowdbotics is the first company to successfully leverage the Maneuver ID Challenge to advance the field of AI.‍

20 January 2023

by Crowdbotics

We are pleased to announce that Crowdbotics is the first company to successfully leverage the Maneuver ID Challenge to advance the field of AI. AI challenges are critical for advancing AI into new areas. The MIT Artificial Intelligence Accelerator (AIA) Maneuver ID Challenge, an open challenge designed to enable AI coaching and automatic maneuver grading in pilot training.

The challenge utilized a recently released dataset of U.S. Air Force pilots and trainees using virtual reality flight simulators at AETC’s Pilot Training Next (PTN). The USAF collaborated with MIT to create an open competition for artificial intelligence solutions that can automatically recognize, label, and grade maneuvers, with a goal of accelerating pilot production using AI techniques.

Using its proprietary Data-Driven Readiness (DDR) software, Crowdbotics was able to automatically recognize and score maneuvers directly from flight data, with high accuracy – as well as a human instructor pilot.

The solution is the latest validated application scenario for DDR following a successful SBIR Phase II at Seymour Johnson AFB. “We’re encouraged by the growing number of identified use cases for DDR and are committed to generalizing this application for broader adoption within the USAF,” said Julian Capps, Head of Defense at Crowdbotics.

Utilizing its AI-powered flight maneuver identification algorithm, DDR was able to process, label, and grade the training data instantaneously. DDR also visualizes and scores individual pilot and trainee maneuvers, giving instructors real-time visibility into pilot readiness.

“This is what the future of AI in flight looks like: clean, actionable, instant data that has a direct impact on mission readiness,” said Capps.

About Crowdbotics Defense

Founded in 2016, Crowdbotics is a venture-backed software development company based in Berkeley, CA. Crowdbotics Defense specializes in identifying innovation opportunities within the DoD and delivering modern, secure solutions built for mission-critical use cases. For more information, visit www.crowdbotics.com.