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New Standard for App Development: CodeOps

Today, Crowdbotics unveils its vision for CodeOps - a new approach to enterprise software development centered around systematic code reuse.

12 March 2024

by Anand Kulkarni

introducing codeops

Over the last 20 years, developers have written more than 2.8 trillion lines of code.1 Yet, in today’s fast-paced, constantly evolving business environment, that’s still not enough. Because organizations fail to take advantage of the massive trove of existing code available to them, their need to create new code grows far more rapidly than it can be written. Crowdbotics was built precisely to solve this problem, and to do so, we have pioneered a new approach to enterprise software development: CodeOps.

Simply put, CodeOps is a philosophy and methodology centered around systematic code reuse. It’s also a commitment to excellence and foresight in software development. At its core is the underlying principle that code is not disposable; it should be reused as much as possible. This mindset led us to four core tenets of CodeOps:

  1. Embrace and extend existing code: Organizations should recognize and utilize the vast repository of existing code as a primary resource. The idea is to prioritize reusing and modularizing this code while treating every project as an opportunity to build upon what already exists. This approach fosters efficiency, reduces redundancy, and accelerates development.
  1. Seamless integration with DevOps: CodeOps isn’t a revolution; it’s an evolution that enhances DevOps processes without disruption by leveraging current infrastructure and workflows to ensure a natural and progressive adoption for DevOps practitioners.
  1. Balance between AI and human ingenuity: AI plays a crucial role in generating and identifying code, while human creativity augments projects. This balance ensures that AI serves not as a crutch but as a catalyst for innovation and efficiency.
  2. Success Starts with the Idea, not the Code: Beginning a project with a reuse mindset sets the foundation for maximizing reuse. Turning an initial idea into comprehensive requirements becomes the linchpin for success. Great requirements documentation not only bridges any gap between the business and IT, but also powers successful reuse code.

codeops Principles

Breaking these tenets down even further resulted in the creation of eight principles of CodeOps:

  1. Recognizing the wealth of existing code. Up to 70% of any application’s code likely exists in other applications. 
  1. Prioritizing reuse over re-creation. Development projects should begin by seeking opportunities to reuse existing code. 
  1. Modularization for future use. Modularized code should serve as a building block for tomorrow’s projects. 
  1. Harmonizing with DevOps. CodeOps should serve as a complementary approach to established DevOps practices.
  1. The role of AI. AI is an ally in generating new code and identifying reusable components.
  1. Elevating project requirements. CodeOps encompasses the entire development lifecycle, which includes creating quality requirements documentation.
  1. AI is a catalyst, not a crutch. AI’s true value is realized when it complements human ingenuity, not when it redundantly replicates validated code.
  1. A natural evolution for DevOps practitioners. Adopting CodeOps is a natural progression towards greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Our commitment

Crowdbotics is committed to these principles as a new standard for software development. Our journey with CodeOps is about building a legacy of efficient, sustainable, and innovative software development practices that will propel the industry forward for the foreseeable future.

To be clear, CodeOps is far more than a software development methodology. We see CodeOps as a movement. We envision an ecosystem of companies delivering technology and services to enable CodeOps practices. We believe that CodeOps is an essential ingredient for the full realization of generative AI’s potential when it comes to enterprise software development. The invention of small, reliable internal combustion engines wasn’t enough to bring about the automotive revolution. However, the world completely changed when the parallel innovation of assembly line manufacturing was combined with the new engine technology. The same transformational potential exists with the pairing of AI and CodeOps, and Crowdbotics is proud to help introduce this concept to the industry. 

We are excited to share our vision for CodeOps with the industry today. Furthermore, we are eager to begin working with industry partners, technology visionaries, software developers and business leaders to realize the power and potential of systematic code reuse. 

You can learn more about CodeOps here and you can learn about the Crowdbotics CodeOps platform here.

1. Sage McEnery. “How Much Computer Code Has Been Written”. Medium, July 18, 2020 (Link)