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8 Different Ways To Model Your Business’s Growth

Whether you're bootstrapped or a startup, it's critical to monitor your growth metrics and project future growth. Here are some business growth models that can help.

6 October 2021

by Allah-Nawaz Qadir

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8 Different Growth Models

After identifying the appropriate growth model strategy (or combination thereof), your business will be ready to implement growth models, track business output, and achieve targeted milestones.

1. SaaS Financial Model

This model, proposed by Jaakko Piipponen, takes its inputs from data exported from QuickBooks and Baremetrics (or similar business intelligence tools). Each factor in this model is modular, so that expanding certain areas in the future becomes hassle free. It tracks overall business growth for SaaS companies and allows founders to consider the following factors:

Reporting & Analytics:

2. Greiner’s Growth Model

The main purpose of this model is to help businesses adapt to the likely challenges that come with rapid growth. Growing pains can be caused by a variety of negative factors, and it’s necessary to tackle them proactively. Greiner’s Growth Model addresses growing pains in the following areas:

Reporting & Analytics:

Pros & Cons:

3. LivePlan

This model, which is built into the LivePlan platform, enables your business to derive performance insights and grow through secure funding. It has over 850,000 small business customers. The ability to build business plans, create budgets and forecasts, and connect to QuickBooks or manual accounting information lets users track business plans efficiently.

Reporting & Analytics:

Pros & Cons:

4. Ben Murray’s SaaS Startup Financial Model

Ben Murray, the CFO of Mobile Solutions, has built this Excel sheet model for startups to articulate their financial forecast. The latest 1.60 version possesses the feature to include actual historical data.

Reporting & Analytics:

Pros & Cons:

5. Foresight.io Financial Model

This SaaS model, which was created by Taylor Davidson, contains three prebuilt statements for five years. It targets headcount, revenue planning, direct and indirect costs, sales pipeline, annual hiring plan, financial sheets, forecasting, and projections.

Reporting & Analytics:

Pros & Cons:

6. Causal

This app is unique when we talk about SaaS solutions for startups. It is more flexible than a traditional Excel sheet and comes with built-in templates for cost and revenue modeling so you don’t need to build it from scratch, especially when you are starting a small business.

Reporting & Analytics:

Pros & Cons:

7.  FISY Innovation Plan

This popular business growth plan is offered in the form of a free Excel template. It’s customizable to meet the needs of most businesses.

Reporting & Analytics:

Pros & Cons:

8. Pro Forma SaaS Startup Excel Model

This growth model is specifically designed for use by startups. As a paid model, it comes with an abundance of features to enable business growth, including:

Reporting & Analytics:

Pros & Cons:


All business growth models have their own built-in assumptions, which you can tailor to your business needs and circumstances. Whether you run an early stage startup or a faster-growing business, these models are useful for tracking a range of key stats.

Multiple factors can influence the appropriateness of a growth model for your business, so choose carefully. Firms should wisely evaluate and select their core growth models, whether their growth strategy is organic – (through internal assets) or inorganic (also referred as acquisition-based growth) – in accordance with the objectives on table.

Regardless of your preferred strategy for monitoring growth, Crowdbotics can help you implement best-in-class business intelligence tools. Get in touch with our expert PMs today to discuss how we can level up your organization’s analytics.