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We are on a mission to radically transform the software development lifecycle.

Putting Innovation on Repeat

Crowdbotics helps you build better apps faster and more securely with AI and systematic code reuse.

The Challenge


The world quite literally runs on code, and the need for more grows faster than the capacity to create new. Conveniently, up to 70% of the code required for most new applications already exists somewhere within your organization. The benefit of using this existing code is that it’s already been tested and validated. On the other hand, most efforts to systematically reuse code fail. Fortunately, the introduction of large language model-based (LLM) AI changes everything…

The CodeOps Future


CodeOps is a new approach to enterprise application development that takes the best of AI-driven software development and pairs it with a new, innovative methodology for reusing code. Pioneered by Crowdbotics, a CodeOps practice begins with the requirements definition phase of a project – at a much earlier stage than previous approaches to code reuse. By establishing a foundation of rigorously and comprehensively defined application requirements, identifying opportunities to reuse code becomes second nature.

Crowdbotics Platform


The Crowdbotics Platform uses AI to dramatically improve the requirements definition process. Business experts are able to use natural language to generate better Product Requirements Documents (PRDs).

Crowdbotics Platform


Taking advantage of well structured PRDs, the Crowdbotics Platform uses AI to identify reusable code modules that fulfill the requirements in the PRD. These modules may be from a public library maintained by Crowdbotics or, more likely, from your company’s own private library.

Crowdbotics Platform


Once reusable code modules are identified as relevant to your application, the Crowdbotics platform uses AI to assemble those modules into a nearly complete application. These modules may include everything from scaffolding and data access to user authentication and UI components.

Crowdbotics Platform


After the assembly process, only the unique, differentiating features remain for a developer to code. Because the Crowdbotics platform generates real code and uses your preferred frameworks and architecture, developers are able to use their tool of choice (including gen AI) to complete the project.

Never reinvent the wheel again

The Crowdbotics platform leverages AI and reusable code so you can build better apps faster – and supercharge your team to deliver limitless success.