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Crowdbotics Helps a Leading Multinational Manufacturer Modernize its Apps

Crowdbotics is proud to work with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of construction, mining, forestry, and industrial heavy equipment. Like many well-established enterprises, the customer’s legacy app solution evolved into a tangled web built over the course of many years, with layer after layer of disparate solutions added as needs arose. This made the app difficult to manage and impossible to scale — an imperative need because the company works in many countries across the globe. The ultimate goal was to build a platform to transform customers into collaborators to create more value.

Before deciding on Crowdbotics, the company went through an extensive vetting process to find a vendor that could help it modernize its apps in a way that matched its business ambitions. Its legacy app worked well for its mining equipment manufacturing business, but it needed the app to also function for its many other business units, including construction and forestry.

In addition, the organization wanted an app with e-commerce functionality, fleet management so customers and distributors could manage equipment, and extensive documentation about each piece of available machinery. It also needed the app to be usable for all stakeholders,
including internal business users, distributors and end customers.

After months of searching, the business wasn’t happy with what it saw in the market until it came across Crowdbotics.

The biggest and most unique point of value that Crowdbotics brought to the table was CodeOps — the reusability of code and the return on investment the business could receive by adding successive releases in the future. The company also gravitated to the idea of building a private catalog of modules that it could reuse over time. Ultimately, the organization committed to Crowdbotics’ ability to articulate the development process and provide agile delivery of a modular strategy to get it a stable, scalable and secure solution in a short period of time.

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With its legacy app, the customer generates roughly $25 million per year in e-commerce sales in North America. As a comparison, one of the company’s major competitors generates nearly $2 billion in e-commerce sales each year. The company’s legacy app wasn’t great at capturing aftermarket parts and services business, which is a significant driver in the mining and construction industries. In addition, this business was only limited to North America due to the app’s inability to scale to other countries and regions. Ultimately, the company was leaving money on the table and losing out to third-party players.

This will change dramatically as the customer can now scale its app to other regions across the globe while delivering a significantly improved user experience. As such, the company’s realistic goal is to double its e-commerce revenue in the first year post app release, and then grow to $300 million per year within five years.