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Crowdbotics Partners With Sckeem To Innovate Personal Finance Budgeting With A Visual Calendar

We recently had an opportunity to sit down with founder Elise Jones to discuss how Sckeem is innovating personal finance with a well-designed UI and unified visual calendar. If you are someone who wants to take control of your personal finances, then this is the app for you!

29 April 2022

by Crowdbotics


Have you ever wondered how much of your budget slips out of your pocket each month? But more importantly, have you tried managing your finances and found yourself lacking the necessary tools and skills? 

Because that is where Sckeem comes into the picture – an amazing finance management application that helps you plan and monitor your funds at a personal level. 

We are thrilled to announce that Crowdbotics has partnered up with Sckeem to bring you an innovative financial planning and expense tracking app if you are looking to improve your spending habits and meet your financial goals. 

In a recent interview, Elsie Jones, the founder and CEO at Sckeem, said, “We’re really looking forward to partnering with them for many months and years to come.” 


The Philosophy Behind Sckeem

To manage your personal funds, it is vital to take care of all incoming transactions and daily spending. This includes keeping track of bills, grocery shopping, monthly subscriptions, and all kinds of planned and unplanned expenditures throughout the month. 

Since we are dealing at such a precise level, the job is impossible without two things:

Sure, tools like spreadsheets and graphs are helpful, but they are mostly targeted at large organizations or teams, and are often too complex or time-consuming for personal use. When it comes to individual finance management, such applications are pretty much ineffective.

Moreover, you might need some form of training for managing micro-finances. But the issue with personal money management is that it is not something taught in schools or colleges. This means that if you want to learn the ropes, you must do so on your own and dedicate many hours to learning different financial techniques.

People working at Sckeem came up with a brilliant idea to solve this problem. They formulated a model that takes a person’s finance chart and integrates it with their calendar. As everyone’s monthly budget is planned around dates, managing it with a unified calendar view makes complete sense. 

“The reason we started this was because I personally know the pain point of graduating college and trying to learn about personal finance in a way that is relative and authentic to the way I use my finances,” said Elise Jones. “Because your personal finances are due on dates. That’s why we are super passionate about it.”

The way it works is quite simple and straightforward. All you need to do is feed your data into the application, and it lays out the visual representation of your budget. For example, if you have got any flights, Uber rides, hotel stays, etc., just input this information in the app. The app will clearly outline your transport-related expenses and create monthly spending plans, thus, offering a complete financial picture. 

Sckeem will assist you in managing your finances in a way that is authentic and natural to how you already use your time and money.

Who is Sckeem Trying to Help?

Sckeem aims to facilitate anyone who wants to take control of their finances and move towards their financial goals in a more strategic manner. Whether it is about getting clear on the numbers, tracking your periodic spending, or working towards better budgeting, Sckeem aims to help you create a better financial future. 

How Can I Get Started With Sckeem?

To start using Sckeem, you can simply go to your cellphone’s app store and install the app. The app is available both on Android and iOs in order to reach the maximum audience and help as many people as possible. 

There is no upfront cost required, and you can start using the app for free. The interface is completely user-friendly, and you don’t need to have any prior accounting or finance knowledge to be able to operate it. 

If you want to explore more about Sckeem, visit their official website by clicking here. Or connect with them on Facebook and info@sckeem.com

How Is Crowdbotics Helping Sckeem?

Crowdbotics will help Sckeem in the app development area. With our years of experience in the development industry and Sckeem’s financial innovation, we are determined to help the maximum number of people achieve their financial goals. 

“We chose to work with Crowdbotics because we were really looking forward to a long-term partnership and they had everything that we were looking for. They were super transparent. Everybody that we met with on the team was super kind and helpful,” said Elsie Jones. “We feel like they’re all co-founders, and that’s really the feeling we wanted.”