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Crowdbotics Partners With Creative Designworx LLC To Bring Custom Creative Design To The World

Check out how CEO Shayla Alexander at Creative Designworx LLC is solving style and fit issues by educating young women on what works best for their body shape and silhouette.

10 June 2022

by Crowdbotics

Running a successful business in the age of online enterprises and e-commerce isn’t just about providing quality products. You cannot emerge as an entrepreneur unless you stand out. The way you put yourself out there and express your brand persona is just as crucial as the services you offer. 

Unfortunately, not every business owner possesses the skill set or experience required to present and market their brand the right way. Creative Designworx LLC – a company based out of Atlanta, Georgia – is set on a mission to help startup businesses and individuals take the first step in launching successful marketing initiatives by providing them with the best custom creative design solutions. The scope of their services includes a variety of creative tools, such as logo design, graphic design, illustration, and printed materials. 

One of their major projects is an upcoming mobile application for curated fashion and design development. Crowdbotics is thrilled to announce that we have recently teamed up with Creative Designworx LLC – to help them hit the market with this new app. 

What is the Philosophy behind the Project?

Creative Designworx is a minority and woman-owned business determined to help other businesses grow and establish deeper roots in their respective industries. Similarly, the essence of their new application is simple: to solve style and fit issues by educating young women on what works best for their body shape and silhouette. In turn, this will help fashion retailers by teaching  customers about fit and style so that they are less likely to return purchased garments for fit issues.

Shayla Alexender, the founder of Creative Designworx LLC and a well-known woman entrepreneur, explains the core idea of the app, “I know I was put here to help and guide other young women in fashion, style, fit, self-confidence, and staying true to herself. I have encountered so many situations in my own life where I have had to do just that. And it built my confidence. I believe that this app and my business is an opportunity for me to help other young women do the same.” 

Who is this App for?

The app is targeted toward women entrepreneurs belonging to two age groups: 14-25 and 34-55. 

It is designed to educate young women on fashion and style, particularly those who are still figuring out where their style fits in and how it can boost their confidence. For those who lie in the second group – women already accomplished in their careers – the app can help them develop some useful skills and get inspiration to rediscover more creative avenues. 

The app is designed to facilitate women in different stages of their lives. It aims to help them express and communicate their identity as creatives. “My ideal user is a woman of two age ranges. So, the first one is 14 to 25. This might be a woman who needs to learn more about fashion, style, and creativity, and figure out exactly where she belongs in life. . The second group would be maybe a woman that could be her mother, between the ages of 34 and 55. Who may be at a point in her life where she has a career, but she has some skills that she hasn’t tapped into and wants to use that to reimagine her life,” said Alexander. 

How to Signup for Creative Designworx’s Services?

If you are interested in the services provided by Creative Designworx LLC or would like to use their custom creative designs to build and grow your own brand identity, you can visit their website. They are also available on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

How is Crowdbotics Helping Creative Designworx LLC?

Creative Designworx LLC has joined hands with Crowdbotics to design the app for their new creative fashion and style solutions. 

“I decided to work with Crowdbotics because I checked with two or three other providers, and the information I got was not really accurate. It didn’t seem to be a realistic estimation of what I was asking, in terms of cost, timeframe, and the idea overall,” confided Alexander while talking about her partnership with us. “The work of Crowdbotics has been really seamless on communication, pricing, timeframes, and follow-through. I get weekly meetings with the development team. So, I am really satisfied with the services they provide.” 

The application is currently under development. We have our experts working day and night to fully optimize the app and get it ready for launch to the public. It will simplify creating and communicating design ideas for production runs and private label clothing lines for students, professional designers, and women in general who might be looking to redefine their fashion sense. 

Keep an eye out for further updates!