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There's a Better Way to Scope Custom Software Deals.

If you’re in the business of selling custom software solutions, we don’t need to tell you the biggest challenge: translating a client’s vision into actionable, technical requirements without getting bogged down in an endless, expensive back-and-forth.

The traditional pre-sale flow goes something like this: The client asks for a tool—say, a fancy new global sales dashboard. In the qualification or kick-off call, they throw out a lot of vague terms and big ideas, like “real-time,” “integrate with Salesforce,” “localization,” or “consumer-grade.” You nod, record everything they say, and take it to the team.

Then, the gauntlet begins. BDRs, account reps, solutions architects, and others all spend days, weeks, or months focusing on one thing: translating that collection of vague “wants” into the actionable “must-haves” your developers need to scope — dragging customers through what is possible, and pulling out a decoder ring to understand what they are trying to articulate.

It’s expensive, it’s tedious, and frankly, it isn’t the best use of your team’s time or brainpower.

What You Really Want

We all know there’s got to be a better way to scope and sell projects, right? So chances are getting to your ideal pre-sale flow involves some version of the 5 goals below:

The faster you can move from the first qualification call to actual development, the better it will be for your bottom line — and everyone’s sanity. Unfortunately, turning client needs into concrete, technical requirements is a problem in dire need of solving. 

So, how do we smash those goals? It mostly boils down to that one major bottleneck—turning client needs into crisp, clear software requirements. 

And that’s where PRD-AI comes in. 

PRD-AI has Entered the Chat

By translating the messy art of client needs into pristine, developer-ready software requirements, PRD-AI turns a process that used to take days into minutes. Basically, with a single click of a button, you can output high-quality specs tailored to customer software development.

Here’s how all that translates to results:

How It Works (And It’s Ridiculously Simple)

We’re happy to open the hood and show you around in all sorts of nerdy detail if you want to take a demo of PRD-AI  — but in a nutshell, we use fine-tuned GPT-4 to interpret business stakeholders’ input and turn that into requirements the rest of your team can work from. 

The tool has been trained on over 25,000 previous project requirements and combines in-context learning combined with robust prompt injection that actually helps business users think their way through their ideas and requirements. 

That boosts the three most important factors in up-leveling your sales results:

Speed: Stop Wasting Time

We’ve been in custom software dev sales long enough to know that speed isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s crucial. Time kills deals.  With PRD-AI, you can stop manually crunching customer requirements. Drop in a few sentences during a call, or upload your call notes, and boom — you’ve got a complete list of requirements.

Value: Show You’re Listening

Trust is everything. Customers buy from people they trust, people who listen. PRD-AI takes that a step further: listening, but also anticipating. It helps clients express what they want but also sprinkles in those “unexpressed constraints” they didn’t even know they needed… yet. And to be clear, that isn’t about guessing —  it’s about delivering precision and insight, faster.

Trust: Your Ace in the Hole

If you think using any old LLM like ChatGPT gets you there, you can think again. To be effective, you need something tailor-made for software development. PRD-AI isn’t going to offer generic answers. It’s calibrated and trained to deliver specific, high-quality outputs that build your credibility and show you know your stuff.

Switch to PRD AI and watch the needle move. You’ll spend less time drafting and more time closing, all while delivering proposals that hit the mark without a string of endless calls and guesswork.

Ready to Transform Your Sales Process?

Kick the old-school, manual scoping process to the curb. PRD AI is here to launch your sales cycle into a new era of efficiency and effectiveness. Sign up, see it yourself, and never look back.

Let’s do this.

Ready to see PRD-AI for yourself? Connect with an expert from Crowdbotics today and we’d be happy to give you a guided tour.