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Crowdbotics CodeOps Platform and New Collaboration with Microsoft: Using AI to Build Software

By Anand Kulkarni, founder and CEO of Crowdbotics

Crowdbotics continues to deliver on our vision of offering a new AI-powered approach to software development. While most of the attention so far in our industry has been paid to token-based code prediction tools for software generation, Crowdbotics takes a fundamentally different approach with CodeOps, our AI-based approach that accelerates app development with systematic code reuse. It is a different and better way to use AI to build software.

Systems that use token-based models to measure consumption are not the right place to start with AI-driven development; the Crowdbotics CodeOps platform takes a different approach, leaving developers with complete control.

Crowdbotics’ use of AI helps teams plan applications and write requirements, then matches them with existing code, APIs, architectures and other components to fulfill said requirements. We counsel that you use AI to plan requirements based on apps that are similar. We used a large crowdsourced database to stand up a first-of-its-kind model for writing requirements: product requirements document (PRD) AI. Once you know your requirements, you can write code more powerfully with AI. You can use AI to select or create prewritten modules / blocks of code that satisfy your requirements.   

The platform was designed this way because it mirrors how real software engineers write — any engineer will tell you that coding is the easiest part of a software project. The hardest thing to get right is knowing and understanding what you’re trying to build and how you will get there.

This is what Crowdbotics does. We use AI to improve the human experience, not diminish it. And this philosophy has resonated with some of the world’s largest and most innovative organizations, including Microsoft.

To that end, we are proud to announce a new strategic collaboration with Microsoft. This collaboration combines Microsoft’s leadership in cloud services and AI with Crowdbotics’ leadership in CodeOps. The ultimate goal of the collaboration is to help customers dramatically boost speed and efficiency when building new enterprise-grade applications for Azure.

There is a “latent demand” for applications within organizations, and this collaboration addresses it by helping teams write requirements and attain consensus on what to build. Crowdbotics can recommend and install Azure services and components so teams can stand up and deploy applications directly into GitHub and Azure using AI, even for complex applications. The collaboration will allow customers with Azure commitments to spend them to generate code directly using Crowdbotics.

The Crowdbotics approach – using AI to eliminate the toil of rebuilding code that already exists – means that your team’s creativity and innovation can be unlocked. CodeOps not only improves your team’s productivity and speed, it also helps it deliver innovation, quality and impact of the apps they build to the next level. Using AI to replace everything related to software development is sci-fi fantasy clickbait (at least for now). Thoughtfully applying AI to solve the problems that today it’s ideally suited to solve – that’s the Crowdbotics way. 

This is a better approach for two reasons. First, it accommodates your organization’s unique requirements. For example, a U.S. government agency may have essential context on how it needs to build apps. In this case, Crowdbotics can fine-tune outputs based on that known context so the requirements specifically match the organization’s needs, ultimately giving IT full control and visibility into what’s being built.

Second, it allows business teams and developers to interactively plan and launch complex, mission-critical products using AI. It’s a new and much more efficient way to build software.

Inside the Award-Winning Crowdbotics CodeOps Platform

In a software development landscape where speed and cost-efficiency reign supreme, Crowdbotics’ CodeOps platform is a pioneer. The innovative framework revolutionizes software development by delivering on the promise of code reuse at scale—significantly reducing time to market, cost and risk. Breaking down barriers to adoption, the Crowdbotics platform eschews a walled garden approach and works seamlessly with all of your investments in development, infrastructure, DevSecOps and architecture. Crowdbotics’ CodeOps mission is clear: make your team more successful by accelerating application delivery through systemic code reuse.

With CodeOps, organizations benefit by:

By delivering on the promise of systematic code reuse and now leveraging the expertise of an industry leader like Microsoft, the Crowdbotics CodeOps platform is uniquely positioned to accelerate time to value and reduce risk for enterprise application development. 

It’s not about creating an autonomous software engineer to replace human developers; it’s about valuing the creativity of organizations’ existing teams and empowering them to build the most innovative products on the market.